Living with nature

Living with Nature-Creating a
serene space that is a cut above

We create gardens so you can feel you’re surrounded by nature…..
By creating and incorporating a natural view to your outdoor living space you can enjoy all four seasons from your home.
You will be given the power of nature and share it with family and friends


Serene Landscape from inside the House

Design is not only focused on how it looks from the outside but also from the inside.

We create a space where you can enjoy and relax.
With a mixture of both practical and ornamental garden can bring
you and your family a serene feeling.


An extraordinary view beyond the window


Surrounded by Trees



Japanese Authentic/Modern
Western Style Design

Ouka Design

Please look at this image a little further away.

What kind of scenery would you like to see?

How about a life surrounded by nature?

Relieve Stress with an Exceptional Modern Space

With proper designs it creates different views so you can enjoy both day and night.
It’ is scientifically proven that nature helps us relax and reduce stress.
Why not create a space where you can just step out ,sit and relax and forget all your stress?

Looking for a design for commercial outdoor
space(Storefront ,Hotel, Restaurant ,) or any public space?

About Ouka

Working with nature to showcase the best of its beauty sparks a natural passion in our team.

The owner of Ouka Landscape & Design has many years of experience as a landscaper in Vancouver, Canada and Japan.
He also had the opportunity to work at Japan’s traditional landscapes and modern construction projects. Hard work, dedication and creativity are at the heart of all of our projects. Get in touch with Japanese garden designer to learn more about how we can transform your outdoor space into something spectacular.

For the Environment

Avoid wasting resources by incorporating natural materials into your garden, such as boulders and bamboos instead of processed stones.
By planting trees and perennials instead of annuals, you can absorb more carbon dioxide, reduce the burden on the environment, and improve the aesthetics.
In addition, the fruits produced by trees are eaten by creatures such as birds and bees, further supporting the food chain.