Word from the Owner of Ouka

My master said the garden is a part of life and grows with the family.
Also, with learning from nature as the motto, we build gardens while making use of what we have learned in Canada and Japan with the philosophy of ​​being “living with nature”…

師の言っていた 庭は生活の一部であり、家族とともに成長する。 
また自然に学ぶという教えをモットーに 自然と共にという理念で日本とカナダで学んだことを生かしつつ庭を造らせて頂いております。

There are a wide variety of different owners but we would like to accurately grasp each request and create it into the authentic or modern design in Vancouver and make proposals.
We hope that your contact will not only increase your interest in the garden, but also encourage people in Canada to become interested in Japan…