Landscape Design

Based on our extensive experience in Japan and Canada, we will propose a garden plan that meets your needs.


Because the land in Canada is spread out, Canadians do not prune as frequently as Japanese people do.
We hope that our customers can enjoy Japanese quality tree shapes by making full use of Japanese pruning techniques.

Pruning 1

Pruning 2

Pruning 3

Pruning 4

Pruning 5

Walkway western/Japanese/Retaining wall

If you plan on using your outdoor space for practicle use choose a Western paver.
If the purpose is to prioritize or to harmonize with nature, how about using Japanese stone technique and concrete technique?
There are a wide variety of construction methods, and by combining them well, you can create a sense of unity with the garden.

Bamboo fences

Using bamboo fences creates a more natural look.
I have created my own designs and even difficult designs.
By designing the landscape at the same time, we aim to create a superior landscape that matches any location.

Before and after samples

Water feature

Incorporating water views adds depth to your landscape design.
The sound of water will soothe you, and birds will come to drink water, creating a richer expression in your garden.

Stacking stone/Hanchiku

Stacking stones create a different sense of solidity, such as earthworks, elevation changes, and viewing purposes.
If the location is for viewing purposes, Hanchiku and stacking stone even a small area will produce enough impact.


Ikebana /Bonsai

During my training, Ikebana and tea ceremony were mandatory in Japan.
This knowledge is essential to working at a high-class company that creates tea ceremony gardens and knowing about Japanese gardens.
At first glance, Ikebana and the tea ceremony may seem unrelated to creating a garden, but there is a huge difference between those who have worked in such a place and those who have not.



Before and after samples

Looking for a design for commercial outdoor
space(Storefront ,Hotel, Restaurant ,) or any public space?