Vancouver, BC Residence

Vancouver Residence Pond Water Feature

The customer wanted a small water view, so we proposed a gentle river with moss that suppresses the sound of the water and uses a brown color that does not fade on the surface of the river.

West Vancouver, BC Residence

Like a Japanese Hotel Entrance

The customer requested that they just want to plant a small pine tree in another location. We took the opportunity to suggest a different section, and they accepted it.Although it was just planting pine trees, we were able to create a small landscape with moss and gravel, and I’m glad that they were very satisfied.

Langley, BC residence

japanese Style “Shakkei” Garden

The customer asked us to create some kind of scenery at the entrance to their vast land. Using the technique of 借景(Shakkei) borrowing scenery, we designed the garden so that the surrounding nature would blend in with the customer’s new garden. We are happy to hear that our customer was very satisfied with it.

Vancouver West side, BC residence

Japanese Garden Design that Ensures Privacy

A customer asked me to design something for him because he likes Japanese scenery. Although privacy was important to them, they also wanted to show the garden. For privacy,we incorporated a bamboo fence with a different design for the footing to show the Japanese scenery on the other side. We are very honored that their neighbors have praised our garden design for its beauty, which emphasizes privacy and protects privacy while maintaining a beautiful design.

Burnaby, BC Residence

From Just a Lawn to a Space Surrounded by Nature

When a customer moved, they requested that we build something that required only low maintenance, not just a lawn. We didn’t have any particular requests, so we incorporated a water view and used Western pavers to build a walkway so people could walk to the shed. We created a scenery that looks like a Japanese hotel. Birds came to drink water and eat the fruits of the plants. The clients were very satisfied having a garden surrounded by beautiful nature.

North Vancouver, BC Residence

Japanese Stone Walkway with Modern Planting.

This customer also came to us because he was tired of just lawn maintenance and scenery, and wanted to request design and construction work in the form of an introduction. Up until now, people had been walking on grass, so we built a sidewalk out of natural stones and finished it off with plants and a water feature to go along with it. There is a lot of shade, but with proper planting, it still maintains a beautiful view, and our customers were very satisfied.

Vancouver,BC Residence

Inconsistent Garden into Modern Design

This customer had a pond built by another company, but the pond itself was not beautiful and didn’t blend in well with the existing plants around it, so they wanted something done. There was a difference in height, so we piled up stones to make it possible to plant plants, but on rainy days water drainage was not good, so we designed the garden to create a sense of unity while taking this into account. The pond already had a filter, but it looked like there was a problem with algae, so we did a special treatment and the algae decreased dramatically, and they seemed very satisfied.

Vancouver Residence

A garden that incorporates Japanese skills

This customer liked Japanese gardens. I was told that he would like a method that is clean and requires little maintenance. We used various types of bamboo fences to create a landscape, installed TSUKUBAI, and used gravel to create a landscape that matched the customer's wishes. Our customers were also worried about how the walkway would turn out, but just like the other customers, they were very happy that it exceeded their expectations, and we are very grateful.

West Vancouver, BC

Serene Space like Japanese Hotel Entrance using Bamboo Fence

This customer’s property had large trees, so we started by cutting down the trees. The customer’s request was for privacy, but they also wanted to take in the scenery and sunlight from the windows at the ends. Since the house has a lot of guests, they wanted something a little special. We used a high-class bamboo fence, which is rarely seen in Japan, in consideration of privacy, different bamboo fences at the edges to take sunlight and the scenery into consideration, and we also carefully selected stones to create a balance with the surroundings. I am glad that you complimented me on how beautiful it is.

Vancouver, BC Residence

From a Garden with No Grass to a Garden Full of Greenery

At this site, the grass wouldn’t grow even if it was planted, so they wanted us to design something. We have kept it simple and focused on group planting to reduce maintenance. There is no need to mow the lawn every week, and the garden is full of greenery, unlike a lawn.

Vancouver, BC Residence

Western and Japanese fusion Garden with Creek and Gazebo

It was a fairly large site. The client wanted to sit and enjoy tea outside on sunny days, so we built a Western-style patio, and since there was a large difference in height, we installed stairs and retaining walls in several places. There is a long creek and a small gazebo, we are grateful that you liked the overall design.

Vancouver Residence

Modern space with Creek and Hanchiku wall

This was also just a house with a lawn. We created a walkway using natural stones to match the luxury and planting. We built rammed earth using Japanese technology. Also we built the creek so that you can enjoy a different view when you leave or enter the house.

West vancouver Residence

Stately Zen garden with Bamboo fence Expand the parking lot

When I first visited him, he told me that he wanted a room where he could meditate, so I designed a space where he could relax and enjoy the view while being indoors as well as outside. We installed a tsukubai (Japanese water feature) to create a modern atmosphere, and expanded the parking lot to accommodate multiple cars. The garden, which used to be just a lawn, has been transformed into a luxurious Japanese-style space.

Vancouver ,BC CANADA

Western Style Garden With Japanese Planting

We have installed earthen walls with Western materials and a patio where our customers can relax. The plants are planted naturally in a Japanese style.

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